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Live & Online Auction

Multi-Consignor Knife Auction

Multi-Consignor Knife Auction

Multi-Consignor Knife Auction 

Live auction with online bidding 

Thursday, June 27, 2024 @ 4 pm  

Sprunger Building, 13071 Emerson Rd.  Apple Creek OH 


This auction is full of the best quality knives you can find! It includes knives from the Texas Collection. Most of the knives have never been used or sharpened! 

The 400 lots of mostly Case XX knives are available for bidding onsite or online. 


Older knives include: 1978 Red Letter Stag Set, Three 1960s Stag Bulldog Buffalo Knives, 1965-69 Stag Congress, 1970 Stag 5375 Stockman, 1940-64 Stag Small Congress, 1977 Blue Scroll Cheetah, 1965-69 Red Bone Muskrat, 1965-69 Red Bone Scout, 1965-69 Red Bone Senator, 1975 Hawkbill, 1940-64 Red Bone Folding Hunter, 1970 Whaler, Early Case Bone Handle Fixed Blade, 1965-69 MOP Pen Knife, 1920-40 Tested Red Bone Pen Knife, 1982 MOP Mini Trapper, Schrade Walden Push Button Pen Knife, Cattaraugus Cut. MOP Pen Knife, and more! 


Case XX Custom & Exotic Handles include 2016 Orange Coral Toothpick & Teardrop, 2005 Yellowhorse Custom Trapper, Three Yellowhorse Custom Congress Knives, A Few Yellowhorse Custom Tiny Toothpicks, 2002 Yellowhorse Custom Cheetah, 2019 Case Barlow Custom by Joshua Kidd, 2010 Yellowhorse Custom Cigar Whittler, 2016 Purple Turquoise Toothpick, 2017 JET/MOP/BC Trapper, Yellowhorse Prism Teardrop, Several Giraffe Bone Knives, 2008 AZ Jade Trapper, 2018 Apache Boulder Doctor’s Knife, and more! 


Newer Case XX Knives: 2006 Abalone & Mother of Pearl Elephant Toe, 2014 Tony Bose Cotton Sampler, 2016 Tony Bose Wilfred Lock Hunter, 2007 Four Blade Mother of Pearl Toothpick, 2015 Abalone Teardrop, 2002 Mother of Pearl Butterbean, Scrimshaws by Gary Harbour & Dennis Short, 2020 John Deere Hammerhead, 2011 Backpocket Christmas, 2003 Stag Trapper, 1999 Test Run Teal Bone Hobo, 2007 Stag Baby Doc, 2007 Prime Stag Canoe, 2019 Prime Stag Barlow, 2018 Burnt Amber Panama, 2002 Silver Script Abalone Tiny Hunter & Muskrat, 2006 Stag Sowbelly, 2006 Bone Stag Cheetah Cub, 2015 Cotton Candy Bone Knives, Many Trapper Gift Sets, 

Doctor’s Knives, Tribal Locks, Pocket Hunters, Teardrops, Trappers, Cheetahs, Tiny Toothpicks, Baby Butterbeans, Barlows, Fishing Knives, and more!  


Other Brands:  Bear & Sons Christmas Knives, 1990s Camillus Knives, Bear & Son Bourbon Barrel Knives, Remington Elk Handle Bullet Knife, Kabar USMC Fixed Blade Knives, Buck Custom Yellowhorse, Red Hill Cut. Exclusive Mammoth Ivory Remington Knives, Canal Street Cutlery Knives, Hammer Brand Stag Muskrat, and more! 


Terms: 15% Buyers Premium Online.  Onsite bidders pay 10% buyers premium


Mervin Lehman Auctioneer/Realtor



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