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Miller Family Winchester & Book Collection Live Auction


Farmerstown Area - No Preview Available

Miller Family Winchester & Book Collection 

Live Auction

Friday May 17th 2024 at 4:00 PM

*Auction items will be catalogued & will start with Winchester items at 5:00PM

Location: Farmerstown Produce Auction Barn, 2807 SR 557, Baltic OH 43804. Directions:  From Walnut Creek on SR 39 take CR 114 South to SR 557 East to Location. From Sugarcreek on SR 39 take SR 93 South to SR 557 West to location. Signs posted.

Guns | Winchester Colleciton | Books

Guns:  Winchester M43 Deluxe 218 BEE S.N.2199A, reloading dies and 175+ rounds Ammo to sell separate; Remington M11-48 12 ga. Semi-Automatic; Whippet 16 ga. Double Barrel; A. Greener 12 ga. Double Barrel Hammer Fire; H.M. Quackenbush 22 cal.; J.C. Higgin 22 cal.

200 pc. Winchester Collection:  Planes, Levels, Saws, Braces, Axes, Dadlocks, Skates, Fork, Hoe, Shovel, Screwdrivers, Wrenches, Old Ammo, Ammo Boxes, Butcher Knives, Unusual and Rare Winchester Store Items:  Advertising, Glass Movie Slides, Postcards, Watch Fobs, Safety Razor Display Case, An Early Picture by Philip R. Goodman marked “The Winchester Store”, and much more!

850+ Books:  Authors to Include:  Alger, James Harriet, Allen Eckert, Stephan Ambrose, Bill O’Reilly, David McCullough, Altsheler, Jack O’Conner, Peter Capstick, Joseph Lincoln, Harold Bell, Wright, Chuck Colson, Billy Graham, 1920s Readers Digest, many Older Youth books, Local History, Hunting, Airplanes, Tractor Manuels, Magazines including:  Hunting, Tractors, Aviation, Family Life, Ambassador of Peace, and much more!

Terms: Payment in full day of sale.  Cash, check, or Credit Card with 5% premium on credit card.

Note from Seller:  This auction is from many years of collecting Winchester.  The books are a part of the Miller Family’s interest in reading and collecting books.  We are selling because we are moving out of state.

Sale by Order of:  Mark Miller Family


Auctioneers:  K&M Team

Myron Miller, Realtor/Auctioneer 330.204.0864 or

Derrick Kandel, Realtor/Auctioneer 330.231.4524 or



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